House Rules

COVID19 Prevention Policy

If you have purchased a Day Pass or are an Open Seating member, upon entering our space please check in with our Community Manager in order to choose your daily seating arrangement. 
Please keep a minimum distance between yourself and others of at least 6 feet.
Please use a mask or any form of facial covering when not seated.
No more than 1 person at a time should be using the Kitchen Area.



Monday - Friday: 9AM - 5:00PM

Saturday: 10:00am - 4:00pm
Sunday: Closed
24-hour access for Private offices and Reserved desks

Members with a Reserved Desk or Private Office will receive 24-hour access via key fob. Key fobs must be returned upon termination of membership. Should the key fob not be returned or is returned damaged, the member will be charged a fee of $45 to replace the broken unit.


Noise Level 

Sound cannot be emitted out loud through your laptops, mobile devices, or any other speakers in the open space. You are welcome to play presentations, videos, and other media out loud in the private offices and conference rooms with the doors closed.

Out of consideration for your peers, please take your phone calls in our phone booths, on our patio, or outside to keep the noise level to a minimum in the open space. If the conference room is not already occupied, you are also welcome to take your phone call there. 



Please clean up after yourselves and pick up any trash you leave. 

Please utilize the under desk storage provided to minimize clutter. Feel free to hang your coat on the hooks provided by the front.

Please wash your used dishes in the sink and leave them to dry in the drying rack. 

Please keep the fridge tidy by not letting your food spoil. 


Office & Tech Supplies 

We operate the usage of our provided office and tech supplies with an honor system. We offer free printing, but we kindly ask that you limit your usage to 15 pages per day so that there is enough paper for everybody. We provide various office supplies including staplers, paper clips, hole punchers, pens, and rubber bands next to the printer. We kindly ask that you return any item you borrow to its original location. 



No pets are allowed except for service animals. Proof of service animal registration is required. 

Space Heaters

Space heaters are NOT allowed in our space as they are a fire hazard for our community.